Production Team

Executive Producer


Laurie-May-New Executive Producer for 2020

Laurie May has been a proud member of Gaslight Community Theatre for many years. She has been involved as a workshop participant, actor, writer, director, and stage manager, and she has also served on the Board of Directors. Laurie has been a loyal participant in the Page to Stage course led by Dan Needles. Two of the scenes that she wrote were performed at the annual Four Scenes & a Cup of Tea event. Laurie has also enjoyed being part of the annual Gaslight Tour, both as a Guide and later as Guide Director, responsible for researching and writing the Guide speeches. Laurie also assisted in the production of Gaslight’s first full-length play, Marion Bridge. She attended rehearsals as the Script/Blocking Assistant and later took over as Stage Manager. Laurie has developed a deep respect for the vast amount of preparation and organization behind community theatre productions. She is thankful for the friendships she has made…and she is very grateful for the audience members who attend the performances, year after year.

Program/ Ticketing


A resident of Collingwood since 1974, Monica enjoyed a 34-year teaching career at Collingwood Collegiate, where she taught English and was Head of Library. She raised 3 children in this community and is now the proud grandmother of 6. Serving the community through volunteer work has always been important to her. Over the decades she has been a Cub leader, CPL trustee, and dog rescue organizer. After retirement in 2008, she got involved in Collingwood’s theatre scene and still volunteers for Theatre Collingwood. In 2010, she auditioned for the first Gaslight Tour. After 3 years of acting roles, she joined the Production Team. She also participated in Dan Needles’ scene-writing course and enjoyed seeing her work come to life on stage. Monica was Executive Producer between 2016 and 2019.

Page-to-Stage Producer, Playwriting course instructor


Dawn has been involved with the Gaslight family since 2013 when the first play she wrote, “The Coffee Break”, was produced for the tour, and she has written a play for the tour every year since then. She is very appreciative of the opportunity to write for Gaslight and for the enormous support she has received from playwright Caroline Smith and her fellow Gaslight writers. Considering the talent and vision of the actors, directors, producers and volunteers who all work so hard to bring the pages to life, she has agreed to produce the Gaslight Tour playwright course.  

Page-to-Stage Producer, Playwriting course instructor, Grant Writer & Production Assistant


Janet has been a member of Gaslight Community Theatre since 2016 when she first volunteered as stage manager to one of The Gaslight Tour plays and found herself captivated by the process of bringing compelling local stories to the stage to entertain audiences. Since that time, she has continued to volunteer as a stage manager and also has participated in the Page to Stage and The Gaslight Tour playwriting courses. Four of her short original scenes have been selected for performance at annual Four Scenes & a Cup of Tea events, and four of her longer plays have been chosen for the signature autumn Gaslight Tour. In 2021 Janet took on the role of Producer of the Page to Stage course taught by Dan Needles.

Janet also devotes time to writing prose. In the spring of 2018, her short story, “Breathless” won second prize in the Toronto Star’s prestigious Short Story Contest.

Social Media Coordinator/ Website editor


Chelsea is our social media guru, website editor, and recently joined our Board of Directors as of March 2023. You may have noticed how she has improved our FB and IG posts by using her creative flair. We appreciate the time and talent that she is sharing with us, as she is a very busy Mom of two, Elementary Teacher, Singer & Actor. Chelsea played the role of Emma Atchinson in “The Welding Winnies” in the 2013 Gaslight Tour, and will be played the Rocker’s wife in “The Backstage Pass” in the 2023, 4 Scenes & a Cup of Tea performance. Chelsea looks forward to getting more and more involved! 



Sponsorship Coordinator


Susan owns a local accounting/bookkeeping business in Collingwood. Susan has lived in Collingwood for the past 26 years. Susan leads 2-3 hikes per week in her hiking group “Georgian Triangle Hikers” which she developed 12 years ago. Susan played the role of Lulu Burdette in “Legacy” in the 2019 Gaslight Tour.

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Town of Collingwood Land Acknowledgement:
For more than 15,000 years the First Nations walked upon, and cared for, the lands we now call home: Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Ojibwe, and many others who cared for their families and communities, the way we now seek to care for ours.
The Town of Collingwood acknowledges the Lake Simcoe-Nottawasaga Treaty of 1818 and respects all of the Nation-to-Nation agreements that have formed relationships with the original inhabitants of Turtle Island; the reality of our shared history; the current contributions of Indigenous people within our community and seeks to continue empowering expressions of pride amongst all of the diverse stakeholders in this area.
We seek to do better, to continue to recognize, learn, and grow, in friendship and community, Nation-to-Nation.