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Book Lauch Event- Finding Larkspur with Dan Needles

Are you a Dan Fan?

Well, Dan Needles has a new book that will be launched at the Simcoe Street Theatre in Collingwood on Sunday, October 15th at 2:00PM!

Tickets are available online at Theatre Collingwood’s box office online or by phone.
Link to tickets

Come out and help Dan Needles celebrate the release of his newest book, “Finding Larkspur”! Dan will entertain us stories from his book, followed by a Q & A, refreshments, and a Book Signing session.

This evening is hosted by Laurie May (Executive Producer of Gaslight Community Theatre Productions).

All proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to Gaslight Community Theatre Productions.

‘Old News’ Fall Tour Tickets are SOLD OUT!

Tickets are now SOLD OUT for our fall Gaslight Tour called, ‘Old News’. You can still place your name on our waiting list by contacting the Theatre Collingwood box office.

1. Over the phone- 705-445-2200.
2. In person- at the Theatre Collingwood box office location 150 St. Paul Street, Suite 201, Collingwood, Ont. L9Y 3P2.
**The Theatre Collingwood Box office is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm**

 The four plays that will be performed at the Fall Production of Old News are: 

 Wild Goose Chase by Jan Ferrigan

Sandwiches by Kathy Felice

A Farmer’s Mysterious Disappearance by Geoff Taylor 

The Night the Mockingbird Sang for the Tremont by Anke Lex

See Gaslight tour tab- for more details on each play!

New (Trial) Gaslight Tour Format for 2023 – The Armchair Tour

This fall, we have decided to try something new as a one-year trial – we will be presenting all four plays at the Simcoe Street Theatre – so we are calling the tour – The Armchair Tour.  The Simcoe Street Theatre is located at 65 Simcoe Street in Collingwood. 

This change is in response to many of our audience members who find that navigating to five different locations to be increasingly difficult as the years go by.  Some of the walks are long and the weather can be unreliable. After the tour in October, we will be asking for your feedback about this new trial so that we can make decisions about how to conduct the tour in the future.

 Our theme this year is Old News, and our plays will be based on old Collingwood news stories. We considered several different themes, but we are quite excited about the possibilities that exist for old news stories. 

We will present two plays and have an intermission (food and drink will be provided in your ticket price) and then we will return to the theatre to see the final two plays. In between each play, we will have some fun and factual “fillers” that you will love!

We have added an extra performance evening as well as an extra matinee (on the Saturday) so that we can maximize ticket sales and provide more availability.

October 23rd to the 29th Performance Week

Monday – 23rd – Dress Rehearsal evening

Tuesday – 24th – Sponsor Night evening

Wednesday – 25th – Performance – evening

Thursday – 26th – Performance- evening

Friday -27th – Performance evening 

Saturday – 28th – Afternoon and evening performance

Sunday – Afternoon performance and Cast Party in the evening.

About Us

Gaslight Community Theatre Productions is a not-for-profit amateur theatre enterprise that got its start in 2010, with The Gaslight Tour.

Gaslight Tour

Founded in 2010, Gaslight Tour features local history as theatre. Each year an historic theme is selected to tell the story of a particular aspect of Collingwood’s history. Tour participants visit 4 of the town’s historic sites selected to host the year’s productions. 

We’re Social

“Amateur community theatre is one of the last places in our culture where we can get together and make something out of nothing, just for the fun of it. It’s an experience that opens our minds, forges great friendships and sure makes a Canadian winter go by faster. We’ve been doing live theatre in various halls and churches in the Collingwood neighbourhood since first settlement.”

– Dan Needles

Contact Us

Contact Us

Town of Collingwood Land Acknowledgement:
For more than 15,000 years the First Nations walked upon, and cared for, the lands we now call home: Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Ojibwe, and many others who cared for their families and communities, the way we now seek to care for ours.
The Town of Collingwood acknowledges the Lake Simcoe-Nottawasaga Treaty of 1818 and respects all of the Nation-to-Nation agreements that have formed relationships with the original inhabitants of Turtle Island; the reality of our shared history; the current contributions of Indigenous people within our community and seeks to continue empowering expressions of pride amongst all of the diverse stakeholders in this area.
We seek to do better, to continue to recognize, learn, and grow, in friendship and community, Nation-to-Nation.