Old News Fall 2023

WILD GOOSE CHASE by Jan Ferrigan : In 1889, an impulsive young man rounds up stray livestock on Collingwood streets as a way to make quick money for a drugstore remedy that he believes will improve his love life.

SANDWICHES by Kathy Felice : The closing of the Collingwood Shipyards on September 12th, 1986, displacing 1200 workers, had devastating effects on the community and the local economy. Sandwiches imagines the conversations by a representation of the last fifty workers as they exit the yards at closing time on their final day of work. Through their banter and simple gestures of kindness the ship builders demonstrate their pride and express their fears as they are reminded that their legacy will live on, and as brothers, forever a family they will be.

A FARMER’S MYSTERIOUS DISSAPEARANCE by Geoff Taylor : A Collingwood farmer’s mysterious disappearance in 1900 creates speculation and division in the town.  How far will a woman go to protect her grandchild?  This play shines a light on issues and questions that continue to resonate today.

THE NIGHT THE MOCKINGBIRD SANG FOR THE TREMONT by Anke Lex : During a blinding snowstorm in January 1923 the Tremont House went up in flames. The fire brigade managed to extinguish the flames that had spread over three floors. In July of the same year, during a three day trail, numerous witnesses were heard at the county court in Barrie.  Will the owners of the Tremont House be acquitted on the charges of arson, despite major evidence against them?

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Unsolved Mysteries Fall 2022

FIREBUG by Dawn Hanley : It is 1886 and two star-crossed lovers are caught between the destruction of an unknown arsonist and the rivalry between their families.

GLORY by Eleanor Burke: A young girl named Glory Whalen was murdered in Collingwood, a century ago. This mystery remains unsolved today.

THE SORCERER by Janet Wilkinson: As the shipping and sailing season comes to an end in November of 1879, fierce storms howl across Georgian Bay. G.P.Burkitt, captain of the Waubuno, comes into conflict with the steamer’s owners, its passengers, and crew, and his own conscience as he contemplates the ship’s departure from Collingwood Harbour.

THE COLLINGWOOD BOMBERETTES by Melissa Shaw: World War Two factory workers prepare for an upcoming Beauty Content. One contestant is missing.

Photo Credit: Bryan Davies Photography and mycollingwood.ca

Cemetery Stories Fall, 2021

The dates are October 23rd and 24th. The venue is an outdoor location – First Presbyterian Church Cemetery located on Poplar Side Road in Collingwood. Our Gaslight Writing Team has researched and written five wonderful ten-minute scenes.  Each scene is distinctly different – some will bring a tear to your eye and others will make you laugh out loud. Our Gaslight Guides will meet each group and take you on a tour of the cemetery. You will stop along the way to watch local actors bring these stories to life.  The Guides will keep you entertained with local folklore and tell you about some cemetery customs, traditions and superstitions. The tour groups will be kept small, in accordance with Covid health standards.  The first tour will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the last tour will begin at 3:10 p.m. You will choose the time of your tour when you purchase your tickets.  The length of each tour is approximately one hour and 40 minute (including a time for a light refreshment). The tours will involve short walks and standing.  If you prefer to sit, bring along a foldable lawn chair.

Photo Credit: mycollingwood.ca

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