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Collingwood, Ontario

The Armchair Tour Format returns for 2024

In past years, The Gaslight Tour was an actual “tour”. Guides led small audience groups
to five different locations (four play venues and a refreshment area).  The Guides gave
entertaining and informative speeches and ensured that each group arrived at each
location safely. In 2023, we tried something new –we presented all four plays at the
Simcoe Street Theatre – no walking required – The Armchair Tour.

This change satisfied many of our audience members (and volunteers) who found that
navigating to five different locations was becoming increasingly difficult over the
years. We surveyed our audience members after the 2023 tour and found that most
people preferred the new “armchair” format.

Our theme for 2024 is “A Night at the Museum”. We are very excited by the prospect of
how this theme will be handled by participants in our Playwriting Course. Melissa Shaw
and her staff at the Collingwood Museum are equally excited. We hope that they will be
able to suggest some ideas for our writers.

As we did in 2023, we will present two plays and have an intermission (food and drink
included in your ticket price) and then we will return to the theatre to see the final two
plays. As always, we will provide you with an informative program to take home.

Another benefit of this new format is that our actors & crew perform each play
only once each evening/afternoon.  In past years, the plays were performed five times
each evening/afternoon as the audience groups rotated through the small venues.
Since the Simcoe Street Theatre has 97 seats, we are able to accommodate larger
audiences and larger groups –such as Probus groups etc.

Tickets will go on sale in September; however, you can plan ahead by marking these
dates on your calendar:

Saturday, Oct. 26 Sponsor/VIP Dress Rehearsal
Monday, Oct. 28 7:30 Opening Night
Tuesday, Oct. 29 7:30
Wednesday, Oct. 30 7:30
Friday, Nov. 1 7:30
Saturday, Nov. 2 2:00 Matinee & 7:30 Evening
Sunday, Nov. 3 2:00 Matinee

About Us

Gaslight Community Theatre Productions is a not-for-profit amateur theatre enterprise that got its start in 2010, with The Gaslight Tour.

Gaslight Tour

Founded in 2010, Gaslight Tour features local history as theatre. Each year an historic theme is selected to tell the story of a particular aspect of Collingwood’s history. Tour participants visit 4 of the town’s historic sites selected to host the year’s productions. 

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We’re Social

“Amateur community theatre is one of the last places in our culture where we can get together and make something out of nothing, just for the fun of it. It’s an experience that opens our minds, forges great friendships and sure makes a Canadian winter go by faster. We’ve been doing live theatre in various halls and churches in the Collingwood neighbourhood since first settlement.”

– Dan Needles

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