Hello All:

I hope you are keeping safe and well. You’ve perhaps noticed that several other community theatres have cancelled their Fall runs. The Theatre Community is waiting patiently to see what a gradual re-opening could possibly look like. For those who are interested, Anne Currie-O’Brien kindly shared this Community Theatre Reopening Guide. A lot of work and thought has gone into this guide, compiled and edited by Lynda Muir Neil l Kernohan.


I have a few updates for you:

GASLIGHT PLAY WINNERS – to be performed in the fall of 2021

The final selection was made on Saturday, July 25th 2020. You will notice that five plays have been chosen this year. We were totally blown away by the excellent research and writing that went into these plays. The topics were all so interesting and the story-lines were all well-developed. We simply had to choose them ALL. Monica reminded me that in 2010, there were 5 plays that were presented…..so we decided to try it again. We have no idea what the 2021 Tour will look like ( five venues? – one venue? – include a tea-room? – change up the tea-room idea to provide a light snack mid-way?) We have lots of time for discussion and to iron out the details and things are pretty much still in a wait-and-see mode.
The winners are:

  • “The Sorcerer” (Janet Wilkinson) – set in 1879 – cast size 8 (6 men/2 women)
  • “Firebug” (Dawn Hanley) – set in 1908 – cast size 9 (flexible casting)
  • “Collingwood Bomberettes” (Melissa Shaw) – set during WW2 (1940ish) – cast size 5 (1 man/4 women)
  • “The Innards of William Gibbard” (Amy Phalen) – set in 1863 – cast size 5 (4 men/1 woman)
  • “Glory” (Eleanor Burke), set in 1903 – cast size 9 (6 men/3 women)

Congratulations to the above five writers – and to Caroline Smith for her assistance and coaching. 


The contents of the Gaslight storage unit have been moved to my home in Creemore. The cost of the monthly rental for our unit at Storage Mart was threatening to deplete our (very limited) bank funds. We are very much hoping that this is a temporary location until Gaslight is up and running again.


Gaslight contributed $100.00 to Jean Vanier for a graduation award for Excellence in the Dramatic Arts. I didn’t hear anything back about who won the award nor did I see anything online. Does anyone know?


On July the 8th, I was a guest (along with Dan Needles) on a new online talk-show called The Stage Door- hosted by Erica Angus and Tanya Mazza. I had the opportunity to brag about all of you and the wonderful things that happen with Gaslight Community Theatre. I had no idea how much I fidget, nod, and say the word “yes” until I watched myself on the show!!!

About The Stage Door

Have you ever wanted to open the stage door and take a peek inside, to find out what really goes on behind the curtains? Join Executive Director of Theatre Collingwood, Erica Angus, and Tanya Mazza, Arts & Culture Coordinator of the Town, as they live stream a bi-weekly show featuring conversations, stories, songs, and readings with Canadian performing artists and organizations both local and national.
The first show aired on Facebook Live @SimcoeStreetTheatre on Wednesday, July 8 at 7:00 PM with special guests Laurie May, Executive Producer, Gaslight Community Theatre Productions, and Dan Needles – author, playwright, director, public speaker, and performer. The Stage Door is presented by the Town of Collingwood in partnership with Theatre Collingwood.


Shirley Joost has done a lot of homework, looking into several local community theatres and how they handle their memberships. She is weighing the pros and cons and considering a suitable model for Gaslight. Obviously, her work is at a standstill until we know what the “new” Gaslight looks like. Thanks so much for your hard work, Shirley. We look forward to hearing your findings and ideas at a future date.


Janet Fairbridge reached out to Jim Wilson and Terry Dowdall with our questions and concerns about Covid support. Jim Wilson sent a letter to the Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries on our behalf….so we shall wait for a reply. Thanks so much for doing this Janet.


John and Judy of Collingwood Web Design have kindly allowed us to put our website on hold while things are in limbo, however, having the new website come live could allow us to include sponsors, ask for donations, and keep the community in the loop.


Jake McArthur shared this “interesting take on a Shakespeare Redux” www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/08/17/with-a-kiss-i-die Thanks for the chuckle.


**** Several people who would be willing to take on the role of maintaining our current Sponsor list and recruiting new Sponsors. Ideally, this would be someone who has a good knowledge of (and passion for) Gaslight Community Theatre. We will meet with you to explain the Fundraising protocol and guide you through this.

**** Someone who is social-media savvy. Our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages need some love.

Please continue to spread the word about Gaslight. We always welcome new people and new talent to join our fantastic and hard-working crew.

Thanks again for your continued understanding and support.

Laurie May
Executive Producer
Gaslight Community Theatre Productions